Real Estate Agent Referral Program

A key element of our success at Sandpoint Property Management has been our relationship with local Real Estate Agents and Brokers. We respect the relationship real estate professionals have developed with their clients, and we pay referral fees to licensed real estate agents for property management services. When the client is ready to put the property back on the market for sale, you will receive a call from our office, and the client will be referred back to you. A few of the benefits of working with Sandpoint Property Management are as follows:

  1. We pay referral fees. Are you selling to investors? Do you have a property you know won't sell or know about a property owner who simply "can't afford" to sell? If you answered yes to any of these questions we can help and you can earn a referral fee provided that you are a licensed real estate agent. More important is that when the market condition improves and the referred client is ready to place the property back on the market, you will be contacted by SPM. We are not your competitor.
  2. Our professional property management services make you look good. Sandpoint Property Management retains and serves its clients by understanding their goals and meeting or exceeding their expectations. The experienced professionals at Sandpoint Property Management are dedicated to providing superior service through standardized policies, procedures, and proactive approach to customer satisfaction. Employees are expected to take initiative to ensure that customer concerns and issues are resolved in an effective and efficient manner.
  3. Focus on your core business. Our services allow you to concentrate on closing real estate deals and increase client loyalty by handing off the work of management to our team. Do you have a property that isn’t selling or a client that cannot afford the expense of a vacant house? Renting the property could be an option to retain the client. Properties can be rented and marketed for sale at the same time.
  4. Tired of property management? Want to get out of the business?  We purchase management accounts and can make the transition effortless. We will also offer a commission for any agent who refers us to an owner wanting to sell all or a portion or all of their managed accounts. Please call Ned Brandenberger at (208) 255-6839 or email at to discuss this further in confidence.

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